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Before the start, We will know what is screen overly detected? and what is the reason behind the screen overly detected?

Let's starts...Screen Overlay is a complicated feature employed by mechanical man app that permits any app to look at the highest of different apps. Best Screen Overlay examples area unit Clean Master Instant Rocket Cleaner and Chat Head of Facebook traveler. Basically, when we use to run an app with another app it's called Screen Overly.For example, when we chat with Facebook friends...... in this time if any Whatsapp friends message us the Whatsapp messenger icon is seen on our screen its screen overly.Most screen overly detected is seen for android 6. version.Some of the apps enable Screen overly detected from before in our android mobile. On the other hand, the Floating app is responsible for this reason.Now it time to say, how to solve screen overly detected in android mobile. So let's do it and see what happened

...Now Watch The Video And Solve Your Problem...

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